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BAY IPTV activation

The  bay iptv activation application works on your TV when the application was first launched
Once on our YouTube channel, the application was free for 60 days, which means 3 months
All explanations and how to send channels have been provided Enter here
When the application is installed on Samsung smart devices, thebay iptv activation application is now free for only seven days. We have activated it to benefit from the application, of course, for those who find it suitable for them
You have two ways to benefit from activating the application, either for 730 days
It is for a lifetime, but the wish is somewhat different in relation to the subscription wish
For more information, visit the activation website at the following link here
Likewise, the  bay iptv activation application does not contain channels that you can subscribe to You can pass the channels through the m3u file from the official website of the application here
The way to send channels from the official website is done like this, either by computer or by phone, you choose
The method is very easy, you only have to focus or follow the method that was published on the channel
Go to the official website of the application
bay iptv activation
bay iptv activation

We note property 1 and 2

1 **From here you can send a file to the channels
We take a mac adress a TV
It has been placed in the number 3 position
We write any name in the field number 4
We copied the M3U file in 5
We are sure to
je suis pas un robot
And we press the number 7
It means that the channels have been successfully sent, feature number 2
It means how to delete a subscription file
digit 8
It means if we want to add another subscription to TV
important information
I advise the brothers not to activate the bay iptv activation application at the end of the trial period. The reason is whether the application fits your devices
The negatives and positives of the application must be discovered. Is it suitable for your subscriptions?
But when we enter a subscription, we notice that the channels are working perfectly. The subscriber is requested to have the appropriate Internet throughput for Iptivy subscriptions.
  Because most of the brothers complain about the interruptions and stopping in the channels
Watch the special video of the channel list 
you can buy bay iptv activation here 
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